This is a novelette of the rise of moral authority (Kindle Edition)

.. set in a time that seems to be overlooked by historical writers. It follows a righteous man from UR to Babylon in the desert by the early grass, and till the journey of faith settled later, not far from the Atlantis of the Sands. The novelette gives the unfamiliar reader of these times insight into ancient Mesopotamia’s world and lives.

The twenty-two character-driven stories in this book are a cultural journey from the time of the Greek invader to the time of the corona avenger, connecting prehistory to the modern times of a fertile state. Personages like the mystic Sufi, the mutated Salem, or other extraordinary individuals may have fiery ends in the self-contained incidents.

Following his tertiary education, and like his classmates’ graduates, Ali hoped to sail the seven seas, find pleasure, and search the world for a treasure.

However, their hands were needed to protect the motherland.

Within two months, the graduates were recruited into the Army to undergo compulsory military service.

They received the first military order in the camp to cut their hair. That wasn’t easy at the time of the mop-top and the Beatles’ hair evolution.

With the absence of Barber’s pole in the out space of the camp, cutting their hair was the first damned practice in their military…

I appreciated that these are just other clever designs of God’s creation and praised the name of who creates and regulates and he who measures and guides.

(Coleoptera from the Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Karlsruhe, Germany)

I was tranquil in my location but later became less need for equilibrium and homeostasis, less tendency towards flatness. Sometimes I get bored from living in a monochromatic world, but I am reluctant about breaking the routine a little, though it would be less dangerous than an adventure. The dull daily monotony presents me saluting the sun every morning, with no subordinates behind me except rooted grass, ironweed, and tiny creatures.

I realized…

1. Crossing to Troy to punish the Persians

After securing his Kingdom, Alexander III planned to cross into Anatolia to invade the Achaemenid and punish the Persians for invading Greece some 156 years earlier!

As I knew him, that was an irrational reason. His vision was to reach the ends of the world and the Great Outer Sea. None of his key captains willingly realized such imagination or could relate history to mythology like him.

The youthful King organized his army for the campaign not far from Amphipolis’s grand temple that he built. The army consisted chiefly of Macedonians, but with other allied Greeks. Nearchus and two other admirals supervised the fleet’s assembly on the Strymon River near the Aegean Sea.

I was the King’s Mesopotamian

Alexander and Tho Al-Qarnayn

(Alexander’s mirror-IV)

With the death of Alexander, my assignment as his Mesopotamian multilinguist was over. I didn’t want to stay within the circle of his competing generals. I went to my olden UR city.

The way King Alexander combined different beliefs seemed to be sarcastic or scornful. It is not unlikely that he was mocking polytheistic religions but kept pace with them to appease conquered societies.

He kept close affiliations with local deities and sacred traditions. He donated to complete a temple of Athena Polias, the patron deity of the city of Athens. Also, he founded the temple of Zeus, the sky…

1. Crossing to Troy to punish the Persians

Alejandro Magno campaign two battles of Alexander the Great.jpg

Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, and student of Plato tutored the prince until sixteen. Following the assassination of his father Philip II in 336 BC, he took up the throne of the Macedon monarchy at the age of twenty.

After securing his Kingdom, Alexander III planned to cross into Anatolia to invade the Achaemenid and punish the Persians for invading Greece some 156 years earlier!

As I knew him, that was an irrational reason. His vision was to reach the ends of the world and the Great Outer Sea.

(8) Faith landed in the Arabu land

(The Immortal Mesopotamian-8)

They were fallen as if they were hollow trunks of palm trees. They were to be the “lost Arabs,” and their lost city was the Atlantis of the Sands.

  • *****
  • *****
  • *****

We were following the course of our Sumerian righteous leader since he departed UR many years earlier. Along the journey, we met Amorites far and wide as they lived in Syria and large parts of southern Mesopotamia. They established several city-states, including the south Levant and Philistine.

With my two prehistory friends Adiur and Adini (and their families), we continued our travel using mules’ caravans. We passed over…

(7) The clay librarian

(The Immortal Mesopotamian-7)

P L Kessler

After many years in Eshnunna, it was the time to trace my righteous leader, with other believers devoted to worship the sole God of the world.

We traveled back to Sippar, then we (with my wife Anatu and two friends ( Adiur and Adini) headed northwest to the land known as Eber Nari (across the river) or the land of the Levant.

The caravan moved along the Euphrates River until we reached the city of Mari which was an old city-state founded after Sumer’s cities. We were not surprised to see the Sumerian architectural style, clothing fashion…

(The Immortal Mesopotamian-6)


Our righteous leader Intended to travel north along the Tigris River to Ashur then Nimrod in upper Mesopotamia, but he changed his migration path for some reason. He told me they were going back to Sippar to follow the Euphrates River northwest.

I split from his followers because I became ill and had to stay in the Eshnunna city until I become healthy to follow them with another convoy.

When I recovered, no caravans were heading west. Traveling that direction stopped maybe because of inter-kingdoms wars, so I decided to work in Eshnunna.

As a Sumerian, my…

Ali Al Zaak

A professor of Microbiology and author of four books: "Are you brown name in a blacklist", "Cucaracha", “Love in the time of Nebuchadnezzar”, and Kirkuk-Istanbu

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