Though the poems are written originally in English, in this book, the author successfully and with great care transfers the beautiful Arabic rhythm, rhyme, and musicality to English quatrains. Many quatrains comprise entire poems, while others are part of a larger structure. Some are about the experience of losing country and home, despair, hope, and attempts to retain shreds of dignity. These are stirring and sad. Many others are love poems where the verses turned into wisdom phrases. There are even jokes transformed into rhyming verses. All channeled in by the unique voice of an exiled Poet. #poetry

This is a novelette of the rise of moral authority (Kindle Edition)

.. set in a time that seems to be overlooked by historical writers. It follows a righteous man from UR to Babylon in the desert by the early grass, and till the journey of faith settled later, not far from the Atlantis of the Sands. The novelette gives the unfamiliar reader of these times insight into ancient Mesopotamia’s world and lives.

The twenty-two character-driven stories in this book are a cultural journey from the time of the Greek invader to the time of the corona avenger, connecting prehistory to the modern times of a fertile state. Personages like the mystic Sufi, the mutated Salem, or other extraordinary individuals may have fiery ends in the self-contained incidents.

The eyelid in no time swayed

With a dotted floret displayed

A brain is drifted and strayed

Its alternating nerves arrayed


Each dream of the thin sleep

Of the trivial fields too deep

In the romantic state of weep

Green nomadic counts sheep


The wanderer drowsy skipper

Inside a vision webbed flipper

Watching the images catcher

Reciting the voices of slipper


To suck the curly moody sin

Slides from the obliging fin

Learn tales enclosed by skin

A radar locked profoundly in

A stone cracker vagrant chinstrap

At home amid the blue iceberg gap

Yelling loud on the enormous hunk

Complaining his flightless low rank


The road less travelled may deliver

Chilled Viewer hopes for a summer

The sanity sequence is on the test

Couldn’t fly over the Cuckoo’s nest


The fairy chimney has been eroded

Where to land whereas it exploded

With the peak of constant hoodoo

Weathered rock cursed by voodoo


White like an elephant tusks driver

Credible as a stunned eagle arriver

A vein in the beam of warning care

Made an endless helix reborn there

Photo by Abdulaziz KETAZ / AFP

Beyond mothers embracing goodbye

Following the mealtime morning fry

There was a profound sundown high

Their light struck the cloud and sky


They heard a horrifying plane sound

Hitting children on the zonal ground

They didn’t see as their time elapsed

And the moments were soon passed


Fathers stared at the children in pity

scattered by the bombing on the city

Not in solo martyred cute and pretty

How to fill a shadow when left empty


Their souls captured a reddish colour

A condole way was a mournful terror

A cluster departing the land of never

On their mode up dismantled forever

Ali Al Zaak

A professor of Microbiology, author of “Love in the time of Nebuchadnezzar”, and six other literary books.

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